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Greetings from Asbury Park, NJ

posted by Jazz Guy alias flickr4jazz on Monday 27th of February 2017 04:53:36 PM

Aggie Ring’s Day Off The weather was quite nice this morning, so Jersey Shore Fightin’ Texas Aggie Ringhad me drive him over to the beach, “Just to make sure it’s still there.” he said. It was a difficult drive. Almost 7 miles! I must have been by two traffic lights. I’m sure me 10 minutes to get there. The town I picked to take the Aggie Ring is called Asbury Park. Not our favorite town, but there’s usually no one there in the off season and they don’t enforce parking this time of year at the boardwalk and we knew we wouldn’t be bothered. We found an empty parking lot directly next to the boardwalk across from the “Wonder Bar” and the old “Convention Hall” which was completed in 1930. Convention Hall, sadly has seen really bad times over the last few decades. Looking at it’s faded exterior, Aggie Ring found it hard to believe that so many great bands from Glenn Miller to Elvis, The Rolling Stones, and The Dead. Aggie Ring was once asked to license some of the photos of the inside of the building by an author writing a book about Jerry Garcia. The sea air is hard on all buildings near the beach. The salt air has corroded the steel under the brick façade so badly that I don’t see how it gets an occupancy permit. The acoustics are pretty bad as well… It’s like being in a garage. There is a theatre section on the side of it farthest away from the ocean that is in somewhat better shape. Most of the visiting bands play on that side. As Aggie Ring was walking through the concourse between the to parts of the building he heard someone performing a soundcheck in the theatre. “Who could that be?” Asked Aggie Ring. He had checked and no one was listed as playing tonight. Then Aggie Ring said, “I know. It’s probably Bruce Springsteen and his band. They’ve probably rented the theatre again for a private charity concert.” NOTE: For those of you not blessed with living on the Jersey Shore, it’s difficult to NOT run into “The Boss” from time to time. He’s all over the place. The bookstores, the gym, even the pinball museum. “Get me outta here!” exclaimed Aggie Ring. “If Springsteen sees me, he’s going to want money!” As we quickly cleared out of the building and hit the boardwalk, we noticed a number of black SUVs with men in suites waiting in them. “It’s the Boss inside. Those are his guards and drivers.” claimed Aggie Ring. The sun was coming up across the ocean into our lens, so Aggie Ring had to use the manual settings on his camera to deal with the light setup. Aggie Ring remarked that we had the whole beach to ourselves as we walked across the sand. The “No Swimming - Lifeguards Off Duty” was up but Aggie Ring didn’t pay it any attention. “I’m Aggie Ring damnit. I say when I swim or don’t swim.” Much like the honey badger, Aggie Ring don’t care about the rules. We walked down to the waterline and Aggie Ring jumped off to have a look at the shells and sand pebbles. “Nothing much here today.” he said. As Aggie Ring was walking along the rock jetty, he noticed an oyster shell and jumped up on it. “Anyone want to see an Aggie Ring on the half shell?” he laughed. All of a sudden Aggie Ring ’84 called out, “Who wants to take a polar bear plunge with me?” A&M College of Texas Ring ’42 said, “I guess I’ll go along with you.” They jumped into the ocean water and before I could take more than one or two photos, Aggie Ring ’84 cried out like a little girl and screamed, “I want out this water is cold!” A&M College of Texas Ring ’42 just laughed and told Aggie Ring ’84, “You Austin, Texas-made Aggie Rings are such snowflakes. This water is probably only 40 degrees. Why back in Qwatonna, Minnesota factory where the real Aggie Rings like me were made, we could hang out in water like this all day long. We’d even hang out on the ice.” They got out of the water and dried off and continued walking the beach. We finally walked back to the boardwalk and Aggie Ring noticed a pile of old boards laying underneath. He started singing, “(Under the boardwalk) out of the sun (Under the boardwalk) we'll be havin' some fun (Under the boardwalk) people walking above (Under the boardwalk) we'll be falling in love Under the boardwalk, boardwalk!” When Aggie Ring was done, we climbed up the steps and noticed the little building where the fortuneteller works during the season. Aggie Ring disappointedly remarked, “Why didn’t someone from the Texas A&M Athletic Department call her and ask her about some better plays for the last A&M football game?” I told Aggie Ring, “Maybe they did call her and she wasn’t able to take the call because she was out drinking with Johnny Manziel.” We continued past the boardwalk beach bar which is closed for the winter. “That’s a damn shame.” said Aggie Ring in a tearful moan. “I know Aggie Ring.” I said to him as I tried to cheer him up. “You know we see that Shiner distributor truck drive here every week in the Summer. Soon… soon… I tried to cheer up Aggie Ring by having his picture taken with the Langostino Lobster but it didn’t really help. He sobbed about not having his Shiner on the beach for the rest of the day. We passed by a place on the dunes where some erosion was occurring. Aggie Ring said, “So this is where they put all of the dead Christmas trees. It’s like a tree cemetery.” Aggie Ring told me he was through and I could drive him home. We hit all of the green lights on the return trip so it probably only took us about 5 minutes. #AggieRing


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