Jeremy Pruitt Post Card By Robert Hardgrave Aka Farmer Bob Poster Art Igs At Artisans On Taylor In Port Townsend Washington


Post Card by Robert Hardgrave aka Farmer Bob (poster art) IGS at "Artisans on Taylor" in Port Townsend, Washington

posted by Anne Grgich alias Anne Marie Grgich on Wednesday 22nd of August 2007 03:29:50 PM

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Teresa Verraes-Landis Address: Artisans on Taylor 236 Taylor Street Port Townsend, WA 98368 Phone: 360/379-1029 Gallery E-mail: Artisans on Taylor presents Internal Guidance Systems: 2006-2007 USA Visionary Art Tour; Curated by Anne Grgich with Colin Rhodes Internal Guidance Systems is a "must see gathering of visionary, folk and outsider art. IGS includes an array of well-known and established artists from the Pacific Northwest, as well as, national and international visionaries, Raw Classics Folk and Emerging and Cross Over Artists. "Internal Guidance Systems presents the best of that art which lives at the of heart of our lives and yet, curiously comes out of the margins. This is compelling work that grows out of its creators like a plant grows out of the ground, taking the very fabric of contemporary life, it transmutates into significant message. It speaks!" Colin Rhodes. INTERNAL GUIDANCE SYSTEMS. What a perfect title for a show! So what is it that makes the outsider/visionary artist special? It is this - the ‘allowing’ of that innate sense of creativity, spontaneous and unsullied by art school or other training – Internal Guidance. In this age of hype and ego and promotion of the Self, how refreshing that artists are emerging for whom the most important thing isn’t self-aggrandisement, but rather the pure, choiceless expression of their artistic creativity. All those in this touring show are extraordinary examples of artists who have surrendered to this inner intelligence and produced Art that is new, hugely imaginative and unfettered by cultural conditioning. Let us honour them and other creators of their ilk, as explorers of uncharted territories, fearless and prepared to risk all. Henry Boxer 2007 Internal Guidance Systems runs all of September and October, with two openings. The first opening will be September the 1st, then IGS will be completely refreshed with new work and a new look for a second opening on October the 6th. Artisans on Taylor is located in Downtown Port Townsend at 236 Taylor Street, across the street from the Rose Theatre. The gallery is open daily from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. List of the previous touring galleries of IGS-a self-replenishing artist run exhibition! Mark Woolley Gallery, Portland Oregon 2006 N4th Gallery Albuquerque, NM 2006 The Outsider Art Center, Minneapolis, MN 2006 Tag Gallery, Nashville, TN 2007 Upcoming Exhibitions: Gallery Gachet, Vancouver, BC 2008 Track 16 Gallery, Bergamot Station, Santa Monica, CA 2008 LIST OF ARTISTS: LAUREN ATKINSON DONNA BALMA EVE COHEN ROBERT COLLISON TED DEGENER NOAH ERENBERG PAUL GASOI DONALD GREEN ANNE GRGICH ROBERT HARDGRAVE NORBERT H. KOX DELAINE LEBAS DAMIAN LEBAS JAMES LANCASTER MARCUS MÅRTENSON JUDITH MCNICOL DAMIAN MICHAELS ADAM NIDZGORSKI ALISON O’DONOGHUE ROBIN OLIVER JEREMY PRUITT FRED RINNES HUSTON RIPLEY ODY SABAN KEVIN SAMPSON JAY SCHUETTE DAVE SEEHAUSEN CYNTHIA LUND TORROLL CATHY WARD MR. IMAGINATION AKA GREGORY WARMACK DELLA WELLS SCOTT WILLIAMS ERIC WRIGHT Partial Video of Show: Learn more about Internal Guidance Systems by visiting the new AOT blog at


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