Jared Kushner Protecting The Princeling


Protecting the Princeling

posted by alias A.Davey on Thursday 11th of May 2017 10:52:18 AM

With all the furor over the sacking of the FBI director, let's not lose sight of the other members of the cabal of grifters currenly occupying the White House. Here's the Grand Duke Lil' Jared in his role as Lyin' Donnie Trump's roving Mr. Fixit in Iraq. Sometimes real life delivers better laughs than satire ever could. What a punk-ass loser! More Forest Gump that Bobby Kennedy, Lil' Jared's going to have to pull lot of all-nighters to deliver peace in the middle east, reform the government of the United States of America and be Donnie's go-to man on China. With sis off in China flogging Lil' Jared's White House connections and soliciting Chinese investments in luxury towers in New Jersey in exchange for visas, the Grand Duke had better get used to catching flak. So, while everyone agrees that Lil' Jared looks like a doofus in this ridiculous outfit, not everyone recognizes that this flack-jacket portrait is an allegory for the Trump dynasty's total impunity. Mr. & Mrs. Jared Kushner have no intention of being pushed off the money and influence trough. They will do everything in their considerable power to stay there as long as possible. All the tweets, op-ed pieces and news stories in the world are not enough to end this nightmare.


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