Jared Kushner Fight Usury Tru Bi Nary Dear Nation States As Ping Pong Balls Welcome To Global Tv The Clear And Obvious Winner Scott Richard


FIGHT USURY -- TRU*BI*NARY -- dear nation states "as ping-pong balls", welcome to GLOBAL tv -- the clear and OBVIOUS WINNER, scott richard

posted by alias torbakhopper on Friday 12th of May 2017 10:48:23 AM

it's true no matter how you slice it. u.s. citizens dumped/laundered BILLIONS of dollars during SHAMPAIGN fake election on advertising and donations. unaccounted for money. NO PRODUCT. all imaginary. but supposedly REAL CASH. but was it? stoopid fking NAYtion of blind prettyoffs and wannbe kings and queens. credit card rapists abound. debt ascends. time magazine decides to finally put trump on the cover as man of the year and then third world WAR breaks out. they couldn't come up with a better excuse since north korea's firework missiles didn't make if off the north shore... what's up with those magazines anyway? YOU'RE FIRED!!!! comey flynn now we just need to keep this list growing!!!!! who's next?!?! TRUMP is obviously the best choice but all you idiotz still don't get the scam/heist, so that's unrealistic. jared kushner is a good bet. or ivanka. and the best attack is through the people they do business with -- zoolander cartels in east asia. heidi klum them!!! "they were in one day, and out the next!" or this kind of tidbit you can OVERLY RESEARCH for yourelf. cf TRUMP TOWERS/BOSPHORUS TUNNEL en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2013_corruption_scandal_in_Turkey "At the heart of the scandal was an alleged "gas for gold" scheme with Iran involving Aslan, who had US$4.5 million in cash stored in shoeboxes in his home, and Zarrab, who was involved in about US$9.6 billion of gold trading in 2012. Both men were arrested.[2] The scheme worked after officials of the Turkish government found a loophole in U.S. sanctions against Iran that allowed them to get Iranian oil and gas. The Turks exported some US$13 billion of gold to Iran directly, or through the UAE, between March 2012 and July 2013. In return, the Turks received Iranian natural gas and oil. The transaction was carried out through Turkish state-owned bank, Halkbank. In January 2013, the Obama administration decided to close this loophole but instead of immediately charging Halkbank, the U.S. government allowed its gold trading activities to continue until July 2013, because Turkey was an important U.S. ally regarding U.S. policy in the Syrian Civil War, and the U.S. had been working on a nuclear deal with Iran.[2]" and gursh darnit, can you believe it, OF COURSE TRUMP WAS involved and cited as one of the big three colluders. and do you think "the russians" weren't involved?!?!? holy fk. the "russians". what a fking joke. like they're the next boogey man culprit in the cold war syndrome. "the russians" are just business men like fking TRUMP who break laws and run their scams everywhere. they're just SHTTY HUMANS on the make. stop painting them out to be an organization. they're JUST SHTTY HUMANS -- all of them. wtf?!?! FIGHT USURY. they are all USURERS. usury is ANTI-HUMAN and disgusting. and it requires henchmen and henchwomen to exist because it's a SPIRIT form. it isn't physical. it NEED US> we are the first two letters in the idea. USURY HATES EVERYBODY


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