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Gallery 4 – Ilana Halperin

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Ilana Halperin New York City, 1973. Lives in Glasgow. 'The Rock Cycle' 2016–17 Sandstone and brick encrusted in limestone, spoken word Dimensions variables / Variable dimensions Courtesy the artist Ilana Halperin’s new project for the exhibition '4.543 billion' deals with geological intimacy and vivacity, and the uncanny fact that something as apparently inert and certain as the stone walls of the CAPC building were once marine life from a tropical ocean of the Oligocene epoch, around 32 million-years ago. This Calcaire à Astéries (asteriated limestone) characteristic of Bordeaux takes its name from the countless tiny fossil organisms of the genus asterias (a type of sea star) that can be found in the stone alongside fossil molluscs and coral. Halperin addresses stone, not as dead matter or a mere resource, but as a story-laden substance that both surpasses and partners in humans’ view of the world. 'The Rock Cycle' incorporates the reading of a letter, and the hosting of a number of the artist’s geological sculptures within the displays of the zoology collection of the University of Bordeaux. These ‘curios’ originated as fragments of sea-weathered brick from the Isle of Bute in western Scotland, as well as waterjet-cut sandstone, that the artist left for three months in Fontaines Pétrifiantes in Saint-Nectaire. For generations the mineral-rich waters that percolate through the rock at this site in central France have been used to create sculptures using the same process by which stalactites form, only one hundred times faster. Objects become rapidly encrusted with new layers of stone. To see, touch, and hear the elements of Halperin’s work that are located at the CAPC, please ask the gallery attendant in this room. Scheduled visits to the second part of Ilana Halperin’s offsite contribution of "The Rock Cycle" (2017) at the Salle des Collections de l'Unité de Formation de Biologie, Université de Bordeaux (Talence). Free activity. Limited spaces. Booking essential. Contact Léo Correa: / T. (+33) 05 56 00 81 60. Rendez-vous at the entrance of the exhibition at CAPC musée. October 19, 2pm. November 16, 2pm. December 14, 2pm. January 4, 2pm. Text: Latitudes Photo courtesy: Latitudes.


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