Independence What Color Am I Series 034 Scott Richard 1993 Self Portrait


what color am i series 034, scott richard 1993 self portrait

posted by alias torbakhopper on Saturday 18th of March 2017 02:44:24 PM

PRESS PLAY maxinquaye TRICKY 1995 this portrait is older than tricky as a solo artist, but we were in full support of his freedom from massive attack. he hijacked their gig one night and finally gained his independence in 1995. i went to one of his shows in 96 or thereabouts. in san diego. i heard he was playing in town and then i won a pair of tickets on the radio. the show was fun. he smoked a MASSIVE joint. it looked like a double sized cigar and the reeking scent of sweet leaf marijuana filled the 4th & B theater space. PRESS PLAY rainbow country bob marley what if racism only existed in the abstract world? what if racism was a leveraging pin to distract people from the notion that PRIMA CHROMA is a reality in material goods, but has no VERACTIY at all when dealing with humans? what if racism was a HUGE IMAGINARY creature designed to make you be careful about real people that would otherwise just be your fellow human? what if russians were awesome people you simply don't know yet? because if we're honest, there's no PRIMA CHROMA for nationalism either. it's a CHOICE. this collage and the subsequent paintings in the river are really about humanity and real life. in real life, there is no such thing as a racial PRIMA CHROMA. it does not exist. it does in physical colors derived from nature -- metals, minerals, extracts, etc. -- but not in made up languages that talk about humans. there is no HUMAN PRIMA CHROMA! and it doesn't matter how hard you look or argue, it doesn't exist. we are not a skin color. but the light does shine off us and create impressions in others. my impressions, as a personal outlook about how my eyes work, are formed by the way things move, not so much how they look. i don't see people first, i see the way they move and i use this information to inform my opinions before i start assessing their close-up features. as an artist, i try to paint the motion as the absolute. the features of the subject are at the end of my path, not at the origin or the crux. when i paint people, it either takes a really long time to be satisfied or it happens really quickly. with great art and war, there is a rule that GREATNESS IS ALWAYS achieved very quickly. anything that is close to great takes a long time to make. as Percy Bysshe Shelley would say, true inspiration is a shining sword that burns through its own scabbard. so we need to attend to the racism we make and create. we have the power to realize that racism is an intellectual abstraction of education that allows us to talk about the spectrum of humanity. it is an abstract indicator and has signifying power. but we have overused it and it has become a leveraging pin against developing culture. here is a collection of colors and tints and shades and prima chroma. prima chroma can only exist in the actual creation of color. prima chroma is derived from minerals and metals and extracts. there is no such thing as PRIMA CHROMA in humanity. it simply does not exist and never did.


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