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Exchanging Hugs

posted by Exchanges Photos alias Bureau of Educational & Cultural Affairs on Tuesday 14th of November 2017 04:33:49 PM

This photo was taken by fellow Fulbright scholar Ioanida Costache, and represents a moment with the Roma girls at a residential center in Romania. During my time on the Fulbright, I was impacted by meeting these girls and working with Vicoveanu Ana, Oana Mosoiu and others to connect girls to mentoring opportunities in their community. Interactive presentations at American Corner Bucuresti, Librarium Bucuresti, the U.S. Embassy Bucharest, and five residential centers in Bucharest shared and contextualized the vision. Romanians from many different backgrounds joined together to submit an Alumni Engagement Innovation Fund proposal. The proposal was accepted as a finalist. Although we didn't win, we learned from the process. ""Mentorat 1:1 pentru tineri"" was launched in Bucharest and is now focused on connecting girls to vocational mentors. #InternationalExchange taught me the power of ideas and the beauty of connection in service. Submitted by: Anna Sherod. Fulbright English Teaching Assistant (ETA) to Romania, 2013-2014


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