Focus Driving My Decapotable Fast


Driving my 'decapotable' fast

posted by Ronald van der Graaf alias Ronaldc5 on Friday 21st of April 2017 06:07:10 AM

For Macro Mondays "Intentional Blur" Coachbuilder Henri Chapron built decapotables/cabriolets/convertibles based on the Citroën DS. This is a '58 "La Croisette" based on the DS19. Photo technique: Tripod, kitchen table, ambient light, manual focus, manual exposure. By moving the object parallel to the lens front it stays in the same focal plane, so the object will not move in/out focus. For exposure I made shutter speed leading. I started at 8" but that was all blur and no car. 4" proved to be better. I chose the lowest ISO available (50) and matched the aperture to get the right exposure. The car filled up the frame to start with. So front bumper/fender near the left of the frame. During exposure I pulled the car backwards, resulting in the impression the car is speeding forwards. Of the 4 seconds exposure the car was still for the first 1.5 seconds to get a proper car image, the other 2.5 seconds where used to pull the car back and add the blur. In PP I flattened the frame somewhat to emphasize the illusion of speed. Added a little contrast and saturation to. Displayed part of the car is 82mm, a tiny bit more than 3", sorry.


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