Focus Carlos Bar N King Queen Competition Carnaval San Francisco 2017 114


Carlos Barón King & Queen Competition Carnaval San Francisco 2017 114

posted by Studios alias on Friday 21st of April 2017 05:41:04 AM

Judge Carlos Barón is an Emeritus Professor of Theater Arts and Ethnic Studies, from San Francisco State University. (SFSU) He has worked and lived many years in (or close to) the Mission. A professional actor, writer and director, he also worked as Performing Arts Coordinator at the Mission Cultural Center (SF) and was a co-founder and first Cultural Coordinator of La Peña Cultural Center, in Berkeley, which was established in 1976. Most recently, from 2008 to 2016, he collaborated with Martha Rodríguez and the Community Music Center in the popular “La Posarela,” which was presented around Christmas time. In 2016 (March and November), he collaborated with Musical Director John Calloway and the Community Music Center, in the very well-received production of “Son de la Misión,” which focused in the last 50 years of music created and played in the Mission. He is also a proud columnist for “El Tecolote” newspaper, where he writes a column called “The Devil’s Advocate.” Right now, he is preparing to participate in the “Day without Immigrants” March on May 1st where (with artist Colette Crutcher and many students and community people) they will use large puppets, choreography and music to defend the rights of immigrants. Be there!


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