Focus Building A Traditional Totora Reed Fisng Boat On Lake Titicaca With Aymara Artisan Juan Cuno


Building a traditional totora reed fisng boat on Lake Titicaca with Aymara artisan Juan Cuno

posted by Exchanges Photos alias Bureau of Educational & Cultural Affairs on Tuesday 14th of November 2017 07:51:04 PM

These 2 photographs document my 2012 Fulbright Senior Research project in Puno Peru where I researched and fabricated a totora reed fishing boat on Lake Titicaca. Working with a local Aymara artisan, Juan Cuno and his 92 year-old father in the small village of Chimu, we fabricated a fishing boat employing traditional building methods using grasses and reeds. This sustainable building method has not been used in the Altiplano region of Peru for over twenty years. Each stage of the process was documented and resulted in the launch of our sustainable vessel, ISPI (or Little Fish” in Aymara) on Lake Titicaca where we sailed to the nearby floating Uros islands. The focus of my project was to promote and preserve traditional crafts made from natural sustainable materials in the highlands of Peru. Submitted by: Kathy Bruce, Fulbright U.S. Scholar Program to Peru, 2012


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