Femininity Iida Aino Viljanen

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Iida Aino Viljanen

posted by Glasgow School of Art alias The Glasgow School of Art on Thursday 24th of August 2017 05:56:47 AM

The Other Gaze My project, dissertation and a short film, concentrates on exploring how sound can convey female gaze. The short film consists of four different videos and other shorter clips. Female gaze feels the seeing, shows how it feels to be the object of the gaze, and returns the gaze saying “I see you seeing me, I don’t want to be the object any longer, I want to be the subject”. Female gaze exposes and criticises male gaze’s oppression and objectification and in my short film I am focusing on the mind, the interiority associated with femininity, on the woman living under male gaze. The aspect of interiority as well as voyeuristic camera technique are used for the female character’s advantage, highlighting male gaze, showing how it feels to be an object. Sound is used to create point-of-view and point-of-audition perspective as well as to disrupt the structures of sound design and composition. Binaural mix supports this approach. iida.viljanen1@gmail.com iidaainosound.wordpress.com/


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