Expansive Tuscan Hills

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Tuscan Hills

posted by Jay Cloud alias slimcloudy on Wednesday 1st of November 2017 10:44:25 PM

Photoshopping an image is like a woman applying makeup; a slight distortion based upon the held reality. Both are frequently claimed as lacks in genuinity by "naturalists" but I have opposing suspicions. Reviewing raw images rarely manages to elicit the same feelings I experienced when viewing the subject originally in person. So in a way, raw images are an inaccurate representation of their subject. Regarding this Tuscan home, I was only able to re-elicit the feelings of both the deep loneliness and the expansive space by exaggerating these features via photoshop. Therefore, by manipulatively distorting the image, I actually create a more genuine representation of the moment I experienced. Perhaps people wear makeup for similar reasons; an attempt to genuinely show others who they perceive themselves to be.


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