Expansive Timeline 1970 Interstellar Chemistry

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Timeline 1970 Interstellar Chemistry

posted by Green Bank Observatory Science Center alias greenbankobservatory on Wednesday 3rd of January 2018 04:22:48 PM

Molecules discovered in space by the 140’ Cyanoacetylene is an organic compound with formula H-C≡C-C≡N. Cyanoacetylene has been detected by spectroscopic methods in interstellar clouds, in the coma of comet Hale–Bopp and in the atmosphere of Saturn's moon Titan, where it sometimes forms expansive fog-like clouds. Formic acid was the first organic acid detected in interstellar space. Emission lines at 8.3 cm (1638.8 MHz) were observed in the direction of Sagittarius B2; a giant molecular cloud of gas and dust located about 390 light years from the center of the Milky Way. On Earth formic acid occurs in ants, bees and nettle plants. Methanol is found abundantly in star forming regions of space, in fact it is a marker indicating such regions. Out in space a methanol cloud 288 billion miles across has been found! Methanol is toxic and is used as antifreeze. Methanol is one of the most heavily traded chemical commodities in the world. The main applications for methanol are the production of formaldehyde (also found out in space in 1969) which is used in construction and can also be used to produce gasoline.


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