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posted by alias torbakhopper on Sunday 14th of January 2018 08:16:33 PM

REPOSTING an old essay : the MIKE PENCE COUP & the greatest witch hunt in america -- HUNTING AMERICA ITSELF, scott richard everything you ever needed to know about the u.s. has been devotedly catalogued into ONE OF THE BEST ALBUMS of all times: SANDINISTA the clash 1980 what's really changed? listen to it. the words!!!!!dammit, the words!!!!! but also killer summer sunshine tunes backing it up. **************************** i thought i'd repost this essay from june since it takes about 18 months for u.s. citizens to catch up with the terrible and hideous things their FAKE GOVERNMENT is doing behind our backs but in FRONT OF THE EYES OF THE WHOLE ENTIRE WORLD: have you ever noticed how DUMPTRUCKPRESIDENT likes to try and get that PHRASE "the GREATEST" attached to the vast majority of his RAPE TALKING VOCABULARY & GRAMMAR based tweets? it's one of the keys to DATE RAPE (once known as PICKUP ARTISTRY) TACTICS: but it isn't one that the date rapist is always aware of using. it's like a skeletal underlaying. and that is the overuse of the SUPERLATIVE form of language. -EST. the best, the greatest, the most, the bravest, the furthest, ALL, EVERY, NEVER, not ever, forever, the strongest. it's ALWAYS the bestest. and i should know, i have crafted the use of SUPERLATIVES for my own reader-abusive writing style of political satire and social activism. i've turned it into an art form that protects me from being called anti-american when i speak up for our country against the takeover government that is currently in place. in LITERATURE it's called THE MACHINE GUN BULLET TEST. smart people use it around smart people to find their weaknesses. a woman walks into a classroom with an intellectual machine gun. she is the guest lecturer. her name is camille paglia. it's the 80s early 90s. she points her intellectual machine gun at her audience and unloads. people duck and dive as her INTELLIGENCE pierces them like silver bullets. they flee or die. camille puts the intellectual machine gun down and turns back to her new audience. there are only four people still seated, smiling with admiration at her skills of the mind, so pleased to be allowed to hear more. the rest, maimed or dead or wounded in their minds, blown over by their own inability to be free, to listen, to hear without kicking back, without fighting. that was the american education system when faced with TRUE WISDOM. in literature, we see the MACHINE GUN TEST in use a lot with political writers and comedians and social critics who didn't/don't want to threaten their own social standing within the societies they were/are criticizing. sometimes it's known as the ALICE IN WONDERLAND "escape truth". or the CHARLIE AND the CHOCOLATE FACTORY commission. it's just a story about a kid. and what then of the VIRGIN MARY? isn't that just a story about a girl who had sex with somebody and lied about it? this ain't no TURN UP truck to fall off of, baby. this is the MOST high. this the EVER AND EVER. the fkingest!!!! and that is the SUPERLATIVE> it's intrinsically BULLY-based LANGUAGE. it's LORD OF THE FLIES jibbering his madness. it makes you feel lower than the words. subservient. and hostilized. with DUMPTRUCKPRESIDENT, his tell on this technique comes whenever he lies. when he lies, he uses a SUPERLATIVE to coat it. so listen. you'll be surprised at how many times he lies. and these lies are self-supportive lies. like a hit of cocaine. they aren't bigger lies. like the ones about tax cuts and corporate advantages or the mike pence coup. they are just self-supporting lies in the same way a jazz pianist might play a mouth trumpet at the same time they tinkle the keys. and on this note, i used to fight with my teachers about the use of the word "THEY" after describing SOMEONE as a jazz pianist. and i would say, but why can't it be NON GENDER PLURAL? i don't get it?!?!?! and they would argue their dumb rule about correlated numbers and how it was one jazz pianist so it had to be ONE, not THEY. and i was like, FK THAT. your rules suck. i'm using THEY for non-gender identified singular objects to let MY READER know that it could be a woman OR a man. strangely, in the same way that this weird rule of grammar that i rebelled against can make sense, so also can you identify HIDDEN HOMOSEXUALS when they use HOMOPHOBIC hate phrases. if a HIDDEN HOMOSEXUAL says something HOMOPHOBIC, they don't say "I hate HOMOSEXUALS." this would express a clarity. and real homophobes hate homosexuals for REAL reasons that are protective of the abstract principles of family engineering. REAL HOMOPHOBES literally believe that there is a NATURAL ORDER and that at the top of this natural order is the man, most likely a WHITE man. the sad truth is that most racists are homophobes and 98% of ALL rapists are racists -- notice how i FUDGED the superlative there ;) and the whole world wrestles with this imaginary framework. literally. it's so fking embarrasing. but anyway, that is to say that REAL HOMOPHOBIA is a fallout of this shame -- the shame of racism and hierarchies and hate as people scramble to self-protect. so be it. this is ORDINARY. it isn't awesome or enlightened or special. it's just ordinary. and historical. so "ordinary" and "historical" give birth to VIOLENCE, HATRED, STUPIDITY and ENTRENCHMENT. it's just birthing after all. so eventually, out of this drudgery a grammar is developed. people talk. certain words work, certain ones don't. and following our entrenched outlook of ORDINARY & HISTORICAL, you get these grammar codes which work like passwords. the DATE RAPE vocabulary is based around the weaknesses of women. i'm not sure people understand that. and the vocabulary is militant. it became code because it worked. camille paglia felt like women who slept with men were giving away women's truths and secrets and allowing the men to gain control over women in general. she faulted women for this. she basically ACCUSED women of giving men CODES to use against other women for sexual exploitation. she wrote many books and dissected literature and philosophy to prove her outlook. but very few people cared to listen. it was as if what she was saying was so inflammatory and everyone listening was afraid that they just might be a piece of meat. the weak and scared were AFRAID THEY'D be BBQed for dinner. but for me, staring into the FACE OF AIDS and the horror of people around me being infected with a death sentence, i guess i wasn't afraid of her words in the early 90s. i guess i was already on fire with the shame and the fear of infection and the way it drove sexuality into a death-risk issue it was like putting CASINO odds onto any kind of homosexual unions. and it shattered the rising gay community. before GRIDS (gay related immune deficiency syndrome) arrived, the united states was warming up to the idea that homosexuals could be awesome people without being a THREAT to the heteronormative. i was 12 when gay men started dying. and it was horror-filled. it was a disgusting and painful death surrounded by uncertainty and fear and loathing. it was a HATE DISEASE. and the oral vaccinators had dumped it on SOUTH AFRICA, too. and no one knew this. instead, foisted into our consciousness by the WANNABE GLOBAL "WORLD NEWS CHANNEL" moderators, our focus was INTENTIONALLY turned on apartheid and sanctions. that is to say -- WE WERE LITERALLY FORCE-FED POLITICAL ISSUES ON PURPOSE SO THAT THE SPREAD OF AIDS WOULD GO UNCHECKED FOR ANOTHER FIFTEEN YEARS. and that's FKING HATEFUL. i don't care what you think, it's hateful. and hate obviously exists and its force upon humans seems to be a part of our "known condition." that is, we can't escape our own hate. thusly, to take us full circle to the HIDDEN HOMOSEXUALS and "how to spot them"!!!! wow, long journey back into day. the HIDDEN HOMOSEXUAL when making HOMOPHOBIC slurs (until he/she reads this and realizes their "tell") will always link the idea of VIOLENCE and SEX together. so they won't say, "i hate gays". they will say, "i hate fucking faggots." those are HIDDEN HOMOSEXUALS. the same principle applies to DATE RAPISTS (once called PICKUP ARTISTS). they won't say "gee, i'd like to fk her!" they will say, "i'd like to fk her so hard!" and i know this bums men out. but the reality is that DATE RAPISTS AND HIDDEN HOMOSEXUALS are total losers. they are the saddest and shittiest people. and their self-hatred is a social disease that backbones MISOGYNY and HOMOPHOBIA and all the drugs and alcohol that their depression imposes upon others. but who knows if the united states will even bother to shake off our addictions and dependencies upon hatred and separatism. america ain't a race. it's not even a people. the u.s. is a concept. it says so. it SAYS WE ARE THE PEOPLE. keep that in mind. misogyny and racism and homophobia are all born of women. think about that. there is a new world that liberates men and women from having to give birth to children. but we are afraid of this because the CORPORTACRACY has been unworthy of trust and guided by sick fks. that shouldn't DISEMPOWER us from understanding that children raised together and BAKED EVENLY would surely be of interest in light of the half-baked and over-baked and under-baked results that the united states has pushed forward for the "INTERNATIONAL CHILD SHOW OFF SHOW". ironically, my own high school has produced only a single person of note, according to their own stats. sadly, and why i say ironic, that person's GREAT ACCOMPLISHMENT is to play a fking character actor on the television show nashville!!!! so fking sad... i think of the thousands & thousands of kids that went to school at this fabulous PILOT SCHOOL, a school i fought my parents to let me attend, and all we gave was a fking tv actor? a school promoting academic excellence and forward progressive thinking... but worse, i knew that tv actor when he was a kid. he latched onto me one september in 1982. i never really understood why he had seemed so needy until i recently read his imdb profile. i looked into this by accident after reading that HE WAS THE ONLY NOTABLE student our school had ever produced. i found that to be a real blow. a slap in the face of the fabulous school itself. closely, and perhaps as biazreely we almost were able to lay to claim to GREG LOUGANIS, but then he transferred out to get into a better diving program. so instead we got to listen to our HIDDEN HOMOSEXUAL humanities teacher go on and on about him in 1983 before the whole AIDS revelation fiascco -- our dear teacher was killed by it in 87, i believe). anyway, back to the IMDb revelation -- it says that this actor guy had moved out to california with his family from ohio that same year or thereabouts, so maybe he was in displacement mode and reaching out to create his entangled ladder-climbing networks and mistook me for a rung. but he was a really fun guy. and my parents were always gone every year for the entire month of september when schools started up. that gave us a TON of freedom to roam and ramble the great expanse of san diego's sprawling world of possibility. we just had to evade "big brother". during that month at my house there was some recruited kind of live-in controller that was supposed to look after us, but they were easily eluded. some even colluded. but we also had access to transport by then. and i suppose these are the things that are most enviable -- cars, homes, places to go and fun free things to do. what a sunny time to be alive! the new wave of music was transforming the attitudes of everyone. that time in the early 80s was the birth of frozen yogurt mills, and the vintage hot rod car renaissance and the era of the jacked up VW bug (i went to the same school as the jackman's kids at one point). there were USED RECORDS stores and brit rock was being channeled through these outlets -- check out RON HOWARD's ANTI-ROYALIST documentary on the BEATLES to see how bands were used to invade ideologies here in the united states. -- "A hard day's night" it's pretty fascinating), and a lot of the stuff arriving WAS SMARTER than anything american. white america was shoving SEX-BASED rocknroll party music down every boring channel. i love you baby and all that nonsense that led to the WHOLE RAPE CULTURE we currently live in. not the brit rock. no wonder their generations of kids are "smarter". the united states INTENTIONALLY dumbs down its populace. a dumb populace is easier to control. that's just good sense. so it was invasive for BRIT POP to make its presence in our country. punk rock went insane. the venues were eventually all shut down permanently -- there was a marquis that never took down the last night's show before they were closed. it read U.K. SUBS and several opening bands for years and years, like a living sign of something dangerous that had swept into san diego like a tidal wave and then been swept out by nature's pull. but it had been full-throttle about presenting all kinds of expansive new ideas and different ways of seeing things. the first generation of electronic arcade games had given birth to the second wave of gaming principles -- storytelling games that do reveals instead of "ships shooting geometric shapes" -- asteroids to DRAGON's LAIR : www.youtube.com/watch?v=7Umwya3NGLY MTv was born and pumping the minds of young american kids with revolution and change and disseminating all manner of sex politicks and social change and connection/disconnection. simultaneously, the indian casinos were also being born. the reagan years were prolific. and illegal mexican laborers were completely BEING USED & the conditions of their illegal lives in southern california were being completely IGNORED. as long as those whities got their strawberries without sht in them, they were just fine with the backbreaking laborer's pain. my outspoken ANTI-MEXICAN parents had a weekly illegal mexican maid AND STILL DO. she's had three or four kids that are all now u.s. citizens. AND STILL my parents talk sht about illegals!!!! fking HYPOSHITZ!!!! just like so many fking americans!!! they are so two-faced. on a thousand topics, though. which is like having a pantheon of faces that don't belong to you. anyway, for me all of this hatred and stupidity stewed down to a spreading expansion -- HATRED & STUPIDITY were the LANGUAGE OF DEBT & CONTROL.. which, oddly just made more and more places to go. new malls led to STRIP MALLS, new stores led to different trends -- the competition to outdo others grew fierce. and this was also the period of time in which the birth of meth took place. it was called crystal way back then. and at the time, the gateway drug to crystal was called RUSH. we all know RUSH now as VIDEO HEAD CLEANER. and no matter what you call it, if you inhale it, it will make your head spin. in the gay community, a lot of people use it in conjunction with sex and that can be very liberating for certain types of sex which require a relaxation to start. as all things that are loved by the gays do, it is now crossing over into the hetronormative communities as well. but like i said, it's A FKING GATEWAY drug to FKING METH!!!!!! please remember that right up front. and there are a LOT of personality types which will ABSOLUTELY GATEWAY TO METH if they try rush. so don't do it if you're one of those personality types. and remember that guy i was talking about earlier? the STAR of the pilot high school i fought so hard to attend? that guy? well, he tried to give our family dog RUSH. and there aren't many things that make me instantly end things. finding out someone's a racist or a misogynist or a homophobe will make me do that. and giving drugs to children or animals makes me do that. it took all of my will power not to jump him right then and there, but i instantly dismissed him hostilely from my life on the spot. he was trying to apologize and i was just insistent about him leaving immediately. and he became very popular at the high school, falling in with the in crowd. but you know what? RUSH burns skin. it is a chemical compound with irritants especially to sensitive skin areas like the nose. and the fking idea that anybody would try to give my dog a fking drug was so insane. i was literally APPALLED. and the CIA gave it/gives it to kids? fk!! but oh, yeah, that's right, THEY ARE THE ORBITS of our world. they are beyond the stars and the starlight. invisible, they will not be remembered, but all of their fronts and props will put the movielight on our societies and we'll remember hitler and all the other PROPPED UP leaders funded by the invisible backers. great. so DUMPTRUCKPRESIDENT, no, you are not involved in the GREATEST WITCH HUNT. it's actually COMPLETELY ORDINARY. you're a DITCH. that's it. you carry filth to the lowest point, NOTHING GREAT HERE. it's just the MIKE PENCE COUP effect. trump gets to go back to making money over fist and the republicans and now even the democrats will get a president they can "support". who really wins? really? you need to ask. but all of these delusions seem to ignore the outside world which has grown up inside of us. i think the greatest witch hunt in progress right now isn't donald trump. it's the U.S.A. and them pitchfork farmers of the world out there might kick more ass than king dracula thinks.


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