Expansive Alien Planet

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Alien planet?

posted by alias WVTROUT on Tuesday 26th of December 2017 05:19:54 PM

While traveling on vacation with my family, we visited Mt Haleakala on Maui. Yes....the expansive dormant Crater is impressive. After all, it’s big enough to hold Manhattan inside it. At 10,000 feet with 360 degree views, the site is breathtaking. Most take a panoramic or wide angle picture to capture the view. I did too. 😉. However, my eyes were drawn to the cinder cones inside the crater. Each were over 400 feet tall formed by mini fissures within the crater over the years. I instead broke out the tele and went to work capturing what first caught my eye. The first thing my mind went to was...”this looks like an alien planet”. I took other photos showing the deep red colors that look like it’s a picture of Mars.


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