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Happy Valentines Day to ME!

posted by Fugitive Savant: BOYCOTT Jim Crow Mizzou alias The People's Prodigy**Fugitive Savant on Sunday 15th of February 2015 02:06:41 AM

I spent it sleeping and reading in my fluffy bed. Fortunately, this year, I was alone. The last two years were in homeless shelters. At C.A.S.S. I had Carol, Suann, and Virginia (by phone at that point) to talk to. The Year before that I was with my friend Ruby at Orlando's Coalition! Now we have reunited on FB. And by phone. She remembers me being almost completely paralyzed on the right side of my body from these damned tumors. The fact that I couldn't operate my right leg well enough to walk, everyone thought I had a stroke and called paramedics. As I was 'homeless' while investigating why Orange County A.S.A.'s committed such idiotic criminal acts. Florida Hospital ignored the bleeding, paralysis and sharp pain in my groin, gave me some pain meds and sent me back to that shelter with no ultrasound. The year before that I was in I was proudly serving Prison Time, with these same symptoms, falling 5 times, to make sure Beasley stayed in prison. The year before that my wife and I were preparing for the witness stand and I was creating evidence of prosecutorial misconduct by the Orange County A.S.A.'s. How'd I create evidence? I sent emails making sure that A.S.A.'s Bankowitz and Kim Mann had formal statements from their key witness's (my wife and I) that Glen Harris arrest report was false so they wouldn't suborn perjury. I took away any 'plausible deniability' they were trying to manufacture by not returning my calls, or P.P.D. Detective/Homeland Security Chris Wilkinson's phone calls either. Chris asked me "If you a hold of them please tell them to call ME..." They responded to these emails. However, we were never interviewed about it by them. per O.C. laws these emails were are supposed to be a matter of public record. And they were supposed to be turned over to his defense attorney. I don't believe that they were based on the idiotic questions that he asked me. They just went ahead and committed criminal Brady Violations. And got Matthew A. Nestle murdered by one of Beasley's partners Scott Rozear Mason. Here's the kicker. If they had followed the rules and let me tell the WHOLE truth, they would have not only gotten Beasley locked for decades, they could have locked Scott Rozear Mason right there in the courtroom gallery! Then issued warrants for about 13 other pedophiles/traffickers of children. But, had they done that it would have been a matter of public record that Glen Harris falsified his report, and the fact that Beasley wasn't supposed to have gotten probation in the first place. He got upwards of three new victims, 17 new charges in MO, all because Orange County A.S.A.'s dropped the ball on the P.R.R., & other motions that they won to ensure his mandatory incarceration.


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