David Rockefeller Condado Lagoon Overview

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Condado Lagoon Overview

posted by Wayne Hsieh alias www78 on Monday 6th of April 2015 10:55:49 PM

Sunrise view from the Dos Hermanos Bridge (two brothers), named after the developers of the area Hernan and Sosthenes Benn. On the right is the Condado Plaza Hilton. On the left is the famed Caribe Hilton Hotel, technically in Puerta de Tierra. It was built in 1949 as part of Operation Bootstrap, and was the first non-continental US Hilton Hotel, making it the first international hotel chain. One of the most famous hotels in the Caribbean, the Caribe is best known as the supposed source of the Piña Colada, created by Ramón “Monchito” Marrero experimenting with rum, coconut cream and pineapple juice. With individual radios and air conditioning, the hotel attracted the likes of Gloria Swanson, Gertrude Ederle, Eddie Rickenbacker and David Rockefeller. The low squat brick building to the right of the Caribe is the Fortín de San Gerónimo, a small fort defending the rear of San Juan. An earlier wood fort located here participated in blunting Englishman Sr Francis Drake's attack on the city in the 1595 Battle of San Juan, but was stormed and destroyed by Sr George Clifford in the 1598 Battle of San Juan, leading to the temporary fall of the city. After the Spanish returned, they built the current fort. which helped drive off the British again in the long but mostly inconclusive 1797 Battle of San Juan. The fort is controlled by the Caribe Hotel, which has mostly neglected it to the point visitors are no longer allowed to enter. Condado, Santurce, San Juan, Puerto Rico, United States


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