Daryle Singletary Ive Warned You Twice

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I've Warned You Twice. . .

posted by Bart alias Cayusa on Friday 20th of July 2007 09:00:08 PM

Day 201 of 365 Tomorrow is Cantina Night! Woo Hoo. I'm a bit excited (in case you can't tell) and really looking forward to tomorrow. Ron will be in town, some of my Flickr buddies are supposed to come out and I haven't been to the bar in many months. Tonight's song is just a fun song that I've always liked and fits a Friday night to a tee. (OH, and there are indeed 14 of me in the shot. I had to do a bit of modification to the original shots due to the perspective blocking out some of the me's in the back, but 14 of me are actually visible in the shot) TOO MUCH FUN Daryle Singletary Blue lights flashing in my rear-view mirror The sheriff says, "Boy I should have known it was you You've got fourteen people in the back of this truck I've warned you twice and now I'm writing you up." I said, "Officer, what have I done?" He smiled and said, "Boy, you're having too much fun." Too much fun? What's that mean? It's like too much money, there's no such thing It's like a girl too pretty, with too much class Being too lucky, a car too fast No matter what they say I've done I ain't never had too much fun There was a fight Friday night at the Stumble Inn Me and ol' Harley just had to join in Next thing you know we were both seeing stars They threw us out and closed down the bar I said, "The Long Branch is open. The night's still young And we ain't never had too much fun." No matter what they say I've done I ain't never had too much fun Give me the reins and let me run 'Cause I ain't never had too much fun


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