Couple The Lovers Of Summer In Dopaquel Scott Richard


the lovers of summer in Dopaquel, scott richard

posted by alias torbakhopper on Tuesday 13th of February 2018 09:04:11 PM

french escapism after working so intensely in the land of the exploding rainbow and black rainbow dahlias, this world peopled by the anonymous well-to-dos and their acquaintances feels more alive to my own imagination. the relationships of the sunlight with the activities is so much more interesting and compelling to imagine and create. there is of course the white umbrella girl gang --a rotating posse of never seen women who walk beneath sunlight in their western white burkas. and the suited man. the less you see of him, the better, though he represents order and stability, something to hold those white butterflies down, to keep them from simply disappearing -- a dark brushstroke amidst all the sunlight. horses have arrived, though i've not dared to make them white yet, afraid it might catch the canvas on fire and unicorns will be bred and reared. fantastical husbandry giving way to the collapsing illusions and delusions of the church of monet. it's funny, too, because liquid painting is only supposed to be faithful to the light. and yet, there is a faithfulness within each piece. as the artist, i can tell when it has "found" itself. and the journey can be full of nuances and twists and turns. the geopolitics are unhindered by logic and the constraints are only visible in looking at the digital images of the journey -- they are their own snapshot histories. but through it all, the sanctity of a clean earth and a clean sky full of air and clean water remains.


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