Couple St Pauls And The Millennium Bridge


St Paul's and the Millennium Bridge

posted by Tom Lee alias tsbl2000 on Monday 20th of March 2017 05:13:46 AM

A little further on from my last image and we see the Millennium Bridge which crosses the Thames towards St Paul's Cathedral. Whilst it opened in June 2000 it swayed considerably with the foot traffic and it was closed two days later. Londoners nicknamed it the "Wobbly Bridge" and I heard it referred to as this a couple of times by others as I crossed it. A further two years of alterations and at a cost of £5m to correct the sway it was reopened permanently again in February 2002. There are good views of the city from the bridge and it is extremely popular. If you are able to view it large you might just see the steps from the north bank onto the shoreline (just below St Pauls on the photo), which I went down to join the mudlarks.


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