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posted by alias A.Davey on Tuesday 13th of February 2018 08:40:03 AM

Dairy is the obvious theme of this display at the Pacific County Historical Society at South Bend, Washington. We won't see milk in bottles again, just as we're unlikely to see milk at 35¢ per gallon again. But there's more. Below, we have a reunion with the happy moss gatherers we saw earlier. Was there an able-bodied person in town who didn't take part in the event? The label on the large painting opens a window into the past of family life and artistic aspirations. It says: ======================================================== L.H. Rhoades Home at Sand Point Painted by his daughter Mary at the age of eleven [in 1888] using sail canvas, boat paint and a brush made of horse hair. After seeing this picture, Mr, Rhoades ordered an artist's paint kit from England even though he had a large family to support. ======================================================== Inquiring minds wanting to know more about L.H. Rhoades will not be disappointed, because his biography is now on line. His parents were pioneers in the Pacific Northwest: Lewis Henry Rhoades was born in Fulton County, Illinois, August 1844. He crossed the plains with his parents by ox-team in 1848, arriving in Marion County, Oregon, in September 1848. Six months later [his father] Alfonso Rhoades relocated to a new claim in Clackamas County. [His parents], Alfonso and Phebe Rhoades, relocated on a third claim at French Prarie, where they remained until 1862, farming, stock-raising, and milling. Catharine Parrett was born in England in 1845. Her parents, Samuel and Marie Parrett sailed from Liverpool in 1852, around Cape Horn, to Portland, Oregon. They arrived in 1853, settling at "The Mountain" near Newberg, in the Willamette Valley. Catharine Parrett and Lewis Rhoades were married December 27, 1860. Their first child, Henry Lincoln, was born and died in Marion County, Oregon. Lewis and Catharine Rhoades moved to Shoalwater Bay, Washington Territory, in the summer of 1862, arriving at Ilwaco in August. Lewis Rhoades worked at the Daniel Wilson Mill. His father, Alfonso Rhoades and his four year old brother Lucius joined the young couple in 1863. The Rhoades moved to the first falls on the Palix River, to build a new mill and to establish their first homesite. In August 1863, Lewis Rhoades moved to Bruceport so he could harvest oysters at night. Catharine and Lewis Rhoades were the parents of thirteen children. Phebe Helen was the first child born in Washington Territory in October 1863. In 1864 Lewis Rhoades walked to Olympia to obtain the land patent for the Sand Point Ranch, acreage two miles south of what became the village of Bay Center. The Rhoades established a home in Bay Center in 1874. Beginning c.1877, Lewis Rhoades was engaged in oystering. The Occidental Oyster Company was a Rhoades family enterprise. Lewis Rhoades also served as a Methodist preacher c.1878. He went to Alaska on a Methodist mission trip in 1900. In 1910, Lewis Rhoades moved to Roseburg, Oregon, establishing "L.H. Rhoades & Co.: Hardware, Harness and House Furnishings-All Kinds of Second Hand Goods." He died of cancer in Astoria, Oregon, in 1913. Catharine Rhoades remained in Bay Center until her death at Rhoadesia Beach in 1927. Grace Rhoades Lang, their youngest daughter, lived in Bay Center until her death in 1969. Lewis and Catharine Rhoades and five of their children are buried in the Pioneer Cemetery in Bay Center, Washington. Lewis Henry Rhoades, born August 20, 1844, Fulton Co., Illinois. To Oregon, overland 1848, married December 27, 1860. Died July 14, 1913, buried in Pioneer Cemetery, Bay Center,Washington. Catharine Parrett Rhoades, born October 27, 1845, Hever, England. To Oregon by ship 1853, married December 27, 1860. Died October 15, 1927, buried in Pioneer Cemetery, Bay Center,Washington. Children 1. Henry Lincoln b.March 26, 1862. d.June 26, 1862. August 1862, Moved to Pacific County, Washington Territory 2. Phebe Helen b.October 5, 1863. d.March 19. 1931. m. G.W.Brown 3. Rufus Dee b.November 24, 1865. d.July 31, 1941. m. Ella 4. Jean Marie "Janie" b.February 22, 1868. d.April 2, 1945. m. Harold J. Stearns 5. Minnie Belle b.December 3, 1870. d.November 16, 1956. m. G.F.Goodpasture 6. Amy Joyce b.March 25,1873. d.July 28, 1949. m. Carl J. Kallgren 7. Charles Owen b.March 12, 1875. d.May 21, 1948. m. Emma 8. Mary Augusta b.August 8, 1877. d.May 21, 1948. m. Howard Wilson 9. Alice Maude b.January 5, 1880. d.December 3, 1942. m. Roy Seaman 10. Emma Catharine b.December 29, 1882. d.October 29, 1959. m. R.M.Moore 11. Grace Darling b.December 5, 1884. d.March 15, 1969. m. Frank W.Lang 12. stillborn daughter b.April 14, 1887. 13. Walter William b.May 11, 1888. d.November 15, 1894.


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