Couple Morning Glow In Milford Sound


Morning glow in Milford Sound

posted by alias Jacob Surland on Tuesday 13th of February 2018 03:18:27 AM

In Milford Sound in New Zealand, there are sand flies, and sand flies are products from Hell if you ask me. The Maori’s said that their god created Milford Sound, and to prevent people from staying forever in such a beauty, he created the sand flies. I am not sure, I think the Devil might have invented the sand flies. I took a bath in a repellent spray before going out, but when I got home to my mobile home a couple of hours later, I had this huge bump right on my forehead. Good thing, though, it only itches like hell for a week or so... Milford Sound is one of the most photographed tourist attractions in New Zealand and it is understandable why. It’s massive size and beauty is simply amazing. Mitre Peak rises 1692 meters straight out of the water. Your sense of proportions is working on overtime. This photo is an HDR of 5 shots. ISO is 100, at F/11 and 1,3 seconds for the 0 exposure. The reflection is 100% genuine. Photo by: Jacob Surland, Licensed creative commons non-commercial v4.0. No derivative Work. Protected by


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