Couple Common Wood Nymph Cercyonis Pegala Yesterday


Common Wood-Nymph (Cercyonis pegala) - yesterday!

posted by Vicki DeLoach alias Vicki's Nature on Monday 17th of July 2017 08:03:37 AM

Our young friend Rich Hull took us to see a population of these rare woodsy butterflies yesterday in a huge Wildlife Mgt Area between us and the mountains and in our county - flying with Pearly-eye's, Hoary Edge's, and Southern cloudywings - while a couple of River cruisers flew overhead! Some are county records or lifers for Rich - congrats! We swung by the nearby swamp where an out-of-range Wood stork had been hanging out - Rich had called me one day recently at suppertime to tell me about it. I dropped supper to run over and again the next day to no avail. But it was there yesterday - hiding in the back of the swamp. We hadn't seen a stork in a long time, and the only CWN I had seen was in 2009 in the mountains. A special treat in a summer with so few butterflies. What a day - thanks Rich!! Happy Butterfly Monday!


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