Community Ten



posted by Winter Jefferson alias Winter Jefferson on Saturday 13th of January 2018 12:18:40 AM

It's been a decade since the Vainpyre first dropped into Second Life, brushed himself off, looked around and decided this would do nicely. In my ten years here I've met, admired, befriended and loved some of the best people in either realm. (Okay so a couple of misfires in my early days, but who hasn't LOL amiright?) I've realised again and again in this time that although its an electronic miracle ; at it's core, Second Life is nothing but people. Individuals and communities hitched together by marvels of creativity. I still love it after all this time - with my previous deleted av, coming up on 12 years here now. Thank you, Linden Lab. Thank you Rezzable for taking a chance on me all those years ago and letting me be the voice and face of your stuff. Thank you, Monica of Miamai whom I miss dearly, for letting me pimp yo shit too. Thank you to all the agencies and magazines who trust me to represent you. Thank you, artists and creators who make our shared world beautiful. Thank you to my own family IRL that has put up with me and my crazy late nights because we live in the timezone that's just one step away from hell. Thank you SO much, everyone that's let me into your lives. You may have to do it for another ten years though, consider yourself fairly warned. Om nom nom nom cake.


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