Community Preparing Phyllis S 70th Birthday


Preparing Phyllis’s 70th Birthday

posted by Fabrice Florin alias fabola on Monday 17th of July 2017 04:10:32 AM

For Phyllis’s 70th birthday, her best friends Alice and Beth created wonderful bouquet of flowers and other floral ornaments in our art studio. Alice even made lovely vases which she painted silver, adding elegant jewelry around the neck. We then placed these floral arrangements on every table for Phyllis’s birthday party the next day. We had so much support to prepare for Phyllis’s 70th birthday that it felt like a community barn-raising. Dozens of friends and family members helped plan, order and/or set up this memorable party. Thank you all! So many of us have been blessed to have Phyllis as a friend, partner, supporter, coach and companion. She has inspired us with her nuanced writing, artful greeting cards, crisp editing and soulful singing. Phyllis is now in the prime of her life -- and I can’t wait to see what she will create in the next chapter. See more photos of our birthday preparations: View photos of the birthday party: Watch the video of the party: See some of Phyllis’s best greeting cards: Read some of Phyllis’s writing on her site:


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