Community Macmahon Bridge On Pearse Street Misty Day 11 January 2018 135502



posted by William Murphy alias infomatique on Saturday 13th of January 2018 08:58:13 AM

How many people know the name of this bridge? The newly rebuilt MacMahon Bridge over the Grand Canal Dock at Pearse Street/Ringsend Road, was officially opened by The Lord Mayor, Cllr. Paddy Bourke on Friday 30th of May 2008. Apart from it’s historical significance, this bridge is a crucial link in the traffic management of the city, carrying up to 16,000 vehicles per day and is vital to the operation of the South Port. It also greatly facilitates the switch to public transport by commuters and residents and links the existing communities in the Pearse Street area with the newly developed Docklands developments and the villages of Ringsend, Irishtown and Sandymount. The new bridge consists of a cantilevered structure over existing quay walls for the full 90 metre length of causeway, in order to provide adequate width for two traffic lanes and two bus lanes. Works were completed in September 2007 at a total project cost of €4 million. The Department of Environment, Heritage and Local Government and the Department of Transport provided a grant of €2.5 million for this project under the national Development Plan.


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