Cleveland Cavaliers Its Not Just Art Museums That Cheat On The Economics The Sun Always Shines On Tv The Imaginary Money Losses In The Nba And Oakland And Online If The Golden State Warriors Win In Four Straight Games Cloud Cities By Tomas Saraceno Sfmoma In Sf


IT's NOT JUST ART MUSEUMS that cheat on the ECONOMICS -- the sun always shines on tv & the IMAGINARY MONEY LOSSES IN THE NBA and OAKLAND and ONLINE IF THE GOLDEN STATE WARRIORS WIN in four straight games -- CLOUD CITIES by tomas saraceno @ SFMoMA in SF

posted by alias torbakhopper on Friday 9th of June 2017 05:22:46 PM

PRESS PLAY the sun always shines on tv A-HA *********** THE FOLLOWING ESSAY WAS WRITTEN AT THE START OF THE GAME. i was in DON RAMON's delicious mexican food restaurant and they had the game on and my friends told me the background story and i told them that the GOLDEN STATE WARRIORS technically HAD TO LOSE/THROW THE GAME. too MUCH IMAGINARY MONEY WOULD BE LOST if they WON. some socio economic math on how much money will be lost if the golden state warriors actually win tonight. that is, THIS IS a SUPER LOW BALL estimate of how much MONEY and BUSINESS will be lost if the JUNE 12th game in OAKLAND doesn't happen. and keep in mind -- this is the PERFECT game to throw to vegas bettors. why? the golden state warriors have a 3 game advantage. MEANING IT WOULD BE ECONOMIC SUICIDE to win four in a row and lose the REVENUES from a fifth or sixth game by gaining the SKUNK. OKAY<<<< let's do the CASH value on ticket sales at the ORACLE ARENA in OAKLAND and see how much IMAGINARY MONEY WOULD BE LOST if the GOLDEN STATE WARRIORS WIN TONIGHT: Necessary) oracle arena. seats 19,596 cheapest ticket is $912 most expensive is called M7 row seat for $109,000 so if we calculate the math using the very lowest number of $912 multiplied by 19,596 the oracle arena would lose 17.8 million dollars in just ticket sales. and that's a calculation of the absolute LOWEST VALUE. actual average ticket is about 1400$ FURTHER, that doesn’t count tv, does it? and look, NBA is on ABC. so let’s look at ad revenue for these games so far. here’s an interesting tidbit from june 2016 "Last year’s victory by the Warriors over the Cavaliers was also a victory for ABC. The network raked in more than $158 million in ad revenue during the final series, according to, which tracks television ad spending. It estimates the 2015 NBA Finals delivered more than six billion live ad impressions.*** A lot of those commercials were purchased long before anyone knew we’d have the drama of a Steph Curry-LeBron James matchup to tune in for. "For these big marquee events, because there’s so much demand for them, the rates are generally set ahead of time," said Sean Muller, CEO of He said many marketers made ad commitments months and months before the playoffs.” *** here’s a great article that goes over LIVE AD IMPRESSIONS and the amount of internet hoax.: ******* finally, we can talk about all the SHADOW ECONOMICS. so let’s just cover the idea of hotels and motels and restaurants and airports and uber and lyft and starbucks and all the alcohol. okay, that was fast. again, millions and millions of dollars of business. don’t forget to buy all that sports team gear memorabilia and clothing. several million there. theaters of war and theaters of circus converge.


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