Chris Cornell Dear 99 9 S A Message In A Bottle Is Really Nothing Compares To You For Chris Cornell Rocking On Nyc Escapism Scott Richard


DEAR 99.9%s -- a message in a bottle is really NOTHING COMPARES TO YOU -- "for CHRIS CORNELL, ROCKING ON!!!!!" -- NYC ESCAPISM, scott richard

posted by alias torbakhopper on Thursday 1st of June 2017 04:32:52 PM

PRESS PLAY nothing compares to you and then and then and then and then ********** the EGO belongs to the BORN ALONE. it is not natural or unnatural, but it is something that BORN ALONE people understand and assume to be ultimate, or FULL TRUTH. most people are BORN ALONE. i was not born alone, so I AM aware of the born alone state and condition -- it permeates culture and is the standard. you are the true 99.9%. understand that. you, born alone, the sole attention of your mother, you are the standard. you are the 99.9999999999999000%. divide that and you(add an "r") mother goes 50/50. or she chooses a favorite. remember, this is A MATRIARCHY. and they will lie and say it's a patriarchy, but they are lying. it's your momma. and her friends. and the way they raise THEIR kids. a patriarchy cuts the woman out entirely and raises kids without their influence. so name ONE FKING society that's done that aside from "mythical" sparta? right? no patriarchy, so shut the fk up about an IMAGINARY PATRIARCHY. and vote for NON-archy. the non-archy uses science to separate the COMPONENTS of LIFE that we can identify. it is JUDGMENTAL. and if we were less wishywashy about fking criminals and MORE JUDGEMENTAL, your daughter wouldn't end up with a bullet in her head from the date rape, the alcohol, the medz, the bad boyfriends, and the delirious race toward conservative hell. nor would your son. and your religion would be common sense instead of some fake altruistic fantasy that colonizing the people of other places to hide your MANUFACTURED SINS of excess. seriously, who would do that to their kid? or worse, another person's child? to take your darkness two steps from the light!?!?! you are already beastly from the mayhem? do you think you're ready for more?!?! seriously? it is an intelligence bridge that is used to separate the child from the source. remove the child from the parent. remove the child from creation. whatever. but know this -- you create sin to stop your child in their tracks. and that is sin. the sin OF sin. and who should pay for that? the RUBBER INDUSTRY -- tires, plastics, petroleum? what a shame to cry like weeping gummy plant fuel. or i could shimmy up your doubt and give you a HURRICANE CALL LINE to save my hate from ebbing out. save the world. save the white tiger. save seigfried and roy from the playful jaws of death. save my face. save my my hope for a future that has US. but maybe i'm to shy. maybe i haven't done more than i could. and in so doing, OUR separation from one another -- me NOT being born alone and YOU, trapped inside your isolation -- becomes that backbone IDENTITY of the child — i must leave the mother and seek a mate to make a mother or become a mother. and this is irrational logic. it appears to make sense, but it causes an endless array of wanton misery in the lives of all of those subjected to its torment. we seem incapable of realizing this if we are born inside the born alone syndrome. if we are born outside this setting, it is clear and obvious. first, how many of you kicked to death or crushed or out smarted your womb siblings? this first understanding is the most complicated. it is a hierarchy syndrome. it's been sixty one thousand three hundred TWENTY hours since you took your love away... if you were born alone, 100% of the time you killed your siblings. you competed your way into existence. so to pretend toward peace or such entails, is a bit false. who among you — who KILLED< ATE<DESTROYED your womb siblings — is worthy of forging peace? what ownership or dominion of intelligence is your HOSPICE? i’m curious and await your MESSAGE IN A BOTTLE. "since you've been gone, i can do whatever i want i can see whomever i want, i can eat my dinner in a fancy restuarant but nothing can take away these blues nothing compares nothing compares to you..."


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