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Vermuts Rofes, Reus

posted by Trevor Huxham alias Trevor.Huxham on Saturday 17th of June 2017 05:43:17 PM

“The secret of a great vermouth If we look up the word ‘vermouth’ in a dictionary, we’ll find the following definition: Vermouth. Aromatized wine with plant-based substances that give it a touch of bitterness and which is consumed with a snack. It’s true, but not all vermouths are the same. Nor are they produced in the same way. Old Vermouth Factory Since 1890 The best-kept secret of Rofes vermouth has to do with a secret formula. That is, of the exact proportions of herbs, leaves, roots, fruits, flowers, etc. that, via infusion, aromatize our vermouths and give them a special ‘bouquet.’ This formula, created by the founder of the business in 1890, has been handed down from fathers to sons for more than 4 generations. Having a Rofes vermouth is a question of good taste.”


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