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Skidmore Fountain

posted by alias A.Davey on Saturday 17th of June 2017 04:53:11 PM

The Skidmore Fountain, seen here on a cloudy June morning, was at the heart of Portland's business district in the 19th century. Wikipedia says the fountain "was dedicated September 22, 1888, in memory of Stephen G. Skidmore, a wealthy Portland druggist who died in 1883, and partly financed by his will. It was designed by sculptor Olin Levi Warner for $18,000, all of which was donated. It is styled after fountains Skidmore viewed at Versailles on his visit to the 1878 Paris Exposition and intended for 'horses, men and dogs' to drink from. Henry Weinhard offered to pump beer into the fountain at the dedication. It is Portland's oldest piece of public art."


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