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Roosevelt Hotel

posted by Wayne Hsieh alias www78 on Monday 19th of June 2017 12:34:33 AM

Originally built as the The Hotel Grunewald in 1893, the Roosevelt Hotel was remodeled in 1900 and quickly became known as one of the finest hotels in the country, with an Italian Marble staircase reaching a mezzanine a restaurant known as the Forest Grill with trees hanging lamps, and a club room known as the Cave, with waterfalls, stalactites, glass tables and scattering of gnome and nymph statues. In 1923 the entire hotel was remodeled and renamed for former Pres Theodore Roosevelt, who had completed the Panama Canal, leading to a booming economy in New Orleans. In 1935 the Blue Room opened, serving as a famed music venue for the Big Band Era. Louisiana Governor Huey Long utilized the 12th floor of the hotel as an effective residence; he kept his infamous "Deduct Box", containing "contributions" from state employees and supporters here; it has never been found after Long's assassination in 1935. The Hotel, renamed the Fairmont New Orleans, closed in 2005 after being extensively damaged by Hurricane Katrina. It reopened in 2009, its old Roosevelt name restored. The hotel is now part of the Waldorf-Astoria chain. Central Business District, New Orleans, Louisiana


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