Beach The Rocky Road To Sunset


The Rocky road to sunset

posted by Sathish J alias A Camera Story on Wednesday 14th of February 2018 12:40:49 AM

The weather progressively worsened through the day. What started out as a clear sky in the morning became cloudier and cloudier, and by the late afternoon, the sun had all but disappeared behind an overcast sky. I had very little hopes when I made my way through the dense coastal rain-forest. But when I came out of the clearing, what I saw made me realize that something special was going to happen that evening. But first, I had a hurdle of driftwood to clamber over before I got to the beach. The first good fortune was the window in the clouds where the dipping sun was just starting to peek through and casting yellow light all around. Next was the low tide, which had left behind a long smooth reflective beach. And the final piece of good luck were the beautiful tide-pools that had formed in the small depressions reflecting the rugged sea-stacks juxtaposed against the cloudy sky. And at sunset, they all came together: the sea stacks against the red sky, the reflection in the tide-pool, and the sun-star formed by the setting sun; and it made for a special sunset that I will not forget. Olympic National Park WA USA


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