Backgrounds Priest Seat Fra Dom 5 23 16


Priest seat FRA Dom 5-23-16

posted by Paul Sullivan alias THE Holy Hand Grenade! on Monday 20th of March 2017 02:09:33 PM

The seat for the priest (or in con-celebrations, the primary celebrant...) and the two "altar boys" - the poster having been a "lapsed Catholic" since before the advent of females serving at the altar, so he doesn't know the gender-neutral term - or other celebrants, in the Frankfurter Dom (Frankfurt Cathedral); with the choir stalls in the background. The poster was fooled by the church being generally called the "Dom" (cathedral) as that is generally the seat of a bishop, and I learn from the (English) Wikipedia article on the building that it has never been the seat of a bishop... The poster / photographer was following his general rule in a cathedral (as he thought) of taking a shot of the cathedra (bishop's seat/throne, usually located in this position)... Taken by a Nikon D610 at ISO 400 with a Nikkor 50mm ƒ 1.4 AF-D lens. Exposure is 1/10 sec @ ƒ 1.6. (just about the limit of how still I can hold the camera, BTW)


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